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Watch the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 live from the Ukraine for free

Join 180 million other viewers right here for the full BBC coverage of the Eurovision Song Contest 2017! The contest regularly tops the list of the most watched events of the year in Europe and had developed a cult following around the world. The competition, considered gloriously kitsch in the UK, garners much of its intrigue from the personalities and voting behaviour between the countries rather than the songs themselves. A firm favourite among expat communities as they cheer for their countries and boo their enemies – and you can follow all the excitement right here! UK Expats will most likely be rooting for Lucie Jones, a previous X Factor contestant whose love song "Never Give Up on You" beat off six other acts on 27th January in the competition to decide who will represent the United Kingdom.

ViewAbroad will be showing the live coverage from the International Exhibition Centre in Kiev, Ukraine. 43 Countries with participate in this years contest.


There will be two semi-finals on the 9th and 11th May. These will be broadcast on the ViewAbroad BBC Four channel with commentary from Mel Giedroyc and Scott Mills

The final will be held on the 13th May and will be broadcast right here on BBC One with commentary from veteran presenter and comedian Graham Norton.

Lucie Jones - United Kingdom

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