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Watch BBC News live online from the UK for free

BBC News is a dedicated 24 hour news network provided by the BBC in the United Kingdom. Since 1997 BBC News has been providing non-stop national and world business, politics and sports coverage as well as weather bulletins and exclusive programmes. There is no Fake News here! BBC News has twice been awarded News Channel of the Year and is considered the most trusted news network in the world. Live ticker feeds and breaking news alerts will keep you up to date with the latest information on the world's most important events.

BBC News Programming

Every 15 minutes of every hour of every day, BBC News provides the latest headlines with an extended headline coverage on the hour. Weather summaries are provided every half-hour which are broadcast live from the BBC Weather Centre. A global weather forecast is shown at 21:25 as well as a forecast for the week ahead at 21:55. These news and weather summaries break up the main programmes which include, live interviews, sports, political debates as well as documentaries and investigative journalism such as the award winning BBC One programme; Panorama.

Popular shows broadcast on BBC News

BBC World News - International news from the BBC, including more in depth coverage of breaking news and the very latest updates

Asia Business Report - Live news from Singapore, focused on the events in Asia.

Sports Today - The latest sports results and news from around the world.

World Business Report - The latest financial news and analysis from the world's financial markets

Prime Minister's Questions - The PMQ's are broadcast live from the House of Commons, uninterrupted and without commentary

Newsnight - Analysis and in depth coverage of the main headlines of the day.

Click - Technology news covering the latest advancements and releases of gadgets, games and computers

Panorama - Award winning BBC current affairs programme featuring interviews and revealing investigative reports.

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