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Watch BBC Two online for free

BBC Two is the second television channel to be created by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) in the United Kingdom, Isle of Man and Channel Islands. The channel provides content covering a broad range of subjects that are considered more 'highbrow' than the popular content on BBC One.

The content of BBC Two can be described by the channel's remit:

BBC Two is to be a mixed-genre channel appealing to a broad adult audience with programmes of depth and substance. It should carry the greatest amount and range of knowledge building programming of any BBC television channel, complemented by distinctive comedy, drama and arts programming

Originally styled BBC2, the channel was launched on 20 April 1964, and from 1 July 1967 began broadcasting in colour. BBC Two has been the sandbox for the BBC to take more risks on less mainstream and more ambitous programming as well as special interest programmes. Most of the BBC programmes that have gained massive international followings such as 'Top Gear' and 'The Office' started on BBC Two.

You can watch all of the programmes on BBC Two, live for free, here at

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