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Recently the providers of the video streams added a redirect so that after two minutes the video stops and the browser is redirected to their subscription page.

Although we cannot stop this behaviour, it is possible to work around this by setting your browser to automatically reload the stream before the redirect happens. It is not an ideal solution as the there will be a few seconds break every two minutes but it means that you can watch the streams without having to keep clicking the back button.

  1. Add an 'Auto Refresh' extension to Chrome, google auto refresh chrome extension. We use Easy Auto Refresh
  2. Open up one of the video streams by clicking on one of the channels in ViewAbroad.com
  3. In the top right of Chrome, click the new 'Refresh' icon for the extension and a value of 110 seconds i.e. before the 120 seconds when the streams will redirect
  4. That's it! Next time you watch that particular channel the Auto Refresh will automatically apply unless you turn it off. It will not affect any of your other URL's unless you specifically add it.

There are plugins for Firefox that do the same thing. Enjoy!

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BBC News
{{FormatDate(1527466500)}} - {{FormatDate(1527483600)}}
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{{FormatDate(1527483600)}} - {{FormatDate(1527494400)}}
Countryfile Spring Diaries
{{FormatDate(1527494400)}} - {{FormatDate(1527497100)}}
Homes Under the Hammer
{{FormatDate(1527497100)}} - {{FormatDate(1527500700)}}
For instructions on how to stop the video redirecting after 2 minutes, click here.                        For instructions on how to stop the video redirecting after 2 minutes, click here.                        For instructions on how to stop the video redirecting after 2 minutes, click here.
This Is BBC Two
{{FormatDate(1527471000)}} - {{FormatDate(1527483600)}}
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Flog it! Trade Secrets
{{FormatDate(1527483600)}} - {{FormatDate(1527485400)}}
Ill Gotten Gains
{{FormatDate(1527485400)}} - {{FormatDate(1527488100)}}
{{FormatDate(1527488100)}} - {{FormatDate(1527490800)}}
David Attenborough's Natural Curiosities
{{FormatDate(1527490800)}} - {{FormatDate(1527492300)}}
How to Train Your Dragon: Legend of the Boneknapper Dragon
{{FormatDate(1527492300)}} - {{FormatDate(1527493200)}}
Mars Needs Moms
{{FormatDate(1527493200)}} - {{FormatDate(1527498300)}}
{{FormatDate(1527465600)}} - {{FormatDate(1527472800)}}
Motorsport UK
{{FormatDate(1527472800)}} - {{FormatDate(1527475800)}}
ITV Nightscreen
{{FormatDate(1527475800)}} - {{FormatDate(1527480300)}}
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The Jeremy Kyle Show
{{FormatDate(1527480300)}} - {{FormatDate(1527483600)}}
Good Morning Britain
{{FormatDate(1527483600)}} - {{FormatDate(1527492600)}}
{{FormatDate(1527492600)}} - {{FormatDate(1527495900)}}
The Jeremy Kyle Show
{{FormatDate(1527495900)}} - {{FormatDate(1527499800)}}
Best Laid Plans
{{FormatDate(1527472500)}} - {{FormatDate(1527475800)}}
My Kitchen Rules
{{FormatDate(1527475800)}} - {{FormatDate(1527479100)}}
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Shipping Wars
{{FormatDate(1527479100)}} - {{FormatDate(1527480600)}}
Fifteen to One
{{FormatDate(1527480600)}} - {{FormatDate(1527483600)}}
3rd Rock from the Sun
{{FormatDate(1527483600)}} - {{FormatDate(1527485100)}}
3rd Rock from the Sun
{{FormatDate(1527485100)}} - {{FormatDate(1527486600)}}
Step Up All In
{{FormatDate(1527486600)}} - {{FormatDate(1527493800)}}
The Big Bang Theory
{{FormatDate(1527493800)}} - {{FormatDate(1527495600)}}
The Big Bang Theory
{{FormatDate(1527495600)}} - {{FormatDate(1527497400)}}
The Big Bang Theory
{{FormatDate(1527497400)}} - {{FormatDate(1527498900)}}
Super Casino
{{FormatDate(1527468000)}} - {{FormatDate(1527473400)}}
Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe: Affairs and Heartbreak
{{FormatDate(1527473400)}} - {{FormatDate(1527478800)}}
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House Doctor
{{FormatDate(1527478800)}} - {{FormatDate(1527480300)}}
The Great Artists
{{FormatDate(1527480300)}} - {{FormatDate(1527482100)}}
Wildlife SOS
{{FormatDate(1527482100)}} - {{FormatDate(1527483600)}}
Peppa Pig
{{FormatDate(1527483600)}} - {{FormatDate(1527483900)}}
Olly the Little White Van
{{FormatDate(1527483900)}} - {{FormatDate(1527484200)}}
Luo Bao Bei
{{FormatDate(1527484200)}} - {{FormatDate(1527484800)}}
{{FormatDate(1527484800)}} - {{FormatDate(1527485400)}}
Noddy: Toyland Detective
{{FormatDate(1527485400)}} - {{FormatDate(1527486000)}}
Fireman Sam
{{FormatDate(1527486000)}} - {{FormatDate(1527486900)}}
Thomas and Friends
{{FormatDate(1527486900)}} - {{FormatDate(1527487500)}}
The Secret Life of Puppies
{{FormatDate(1527487500)}} - {{FormatDate(1527487800)}}
Shimmer and Shine
{{FormatDate(1527487800)}} - {{FormatDate(1527488400)}}
Shane the Chef
{{FormatDate(1527488400)}} - {{FormatDate(1527489300)}}
Peppa Pig
{{FormatDate(1527489300)}} - {{FormatDate(1527489900)}}
Peppa Pig
{{FormatDate(1527489900)}} - {{FormatDate(1527490500)}}
Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom
{{FormatDate(1527490500)}} - {{FormatDate(1527491100)}}
Paw Patrol
{{FormatDate(1527491100)}} - {{FormatDate(1527492300)}}
{{FormatDate(1527492300)}} - {{FormatDate(1527493200)}}
Digby Dragon
{{FormatDate(1527493200)}} - {{FormatDate(1527494100)}}
Nella the Princess Knight
{{FormatDate(1527494100)}} - {{FormatDate(1527494700)}}
{{FormatDate(1527494700)}} - {{FormatDate(1527495300)}}
The Wright Stuff
{{FormatDate(1527495300)}} - {{FormatDate(1527502500)}}
Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
{{FormatDate(1527470100)}} - {{FormatDate(1527473100)}}
{{FormatDate(1527473100)}} - {{FormatDate(1527474600)}}
Hollyoaks Omnibus
{{FormatDate(1527474600)}} - {{FormatDate(1527483600)}}
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{{FormatDate(1527483600)}} - {{FormatDate(1527485400)}}
{{FormatDate(1527485400)}} - {{FormatDate(1527487200)}}
Couples Come Dine with Me
{{FormatDate(1527487200)}} - {{FormatDate(1527490800)}}
New Girl
{{FormatDate(1527490800)}} - {{FormatDate(1527492600)}}
New Girl
{{FormatDate(1527492600)}} - {{FormatDate(1527494400)}}
2 Broke Girls
{{FormatDate(1527494400)}} - {{FormatDate(1527496200)}}
2 Broke Girls
{{FormatDate(1527496200)}} - {{FormatDate(1527498000)}}
{{FormatDate(1527498000)}} - {{FormatDate(1527499800)}}
999: What's Your Emergency?
{{FormatDate(1527470100)}} - {{FormatDate(1527473700)}}
8 Out of 10 Cats
{{FormatDate(1527473700)}} - {{FormatDate(1527476100)}}
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{{FormatDate(1527476100)}} - {{FormatDate(1527494100)}}
Food Unwrapped
{{FormatDate(1527494100)}} - {{FormatDate(1527496200)}}
A Place in the Sun
{{FormatDate(1527496200)}} - {{FormatDate(1527499800)}}
The Week in Parliament
{{FormatDate(1527471000)}} - {{FormatDate(1527472800)}}
BBC News
{{FormatDate(1527472800)}} - {{FormatDate(1527474600)}}
Dateline London
{{FormatDate(1527474600)}} - {{FormatDate(1527476400)}}
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BBC News
{{FormatDate(1527476400)}} - {{FormatDate(1527478200)}}
{{FormatDate(1527478200)}} - {{FormatDate(1527480000)}}
The Briefing
{{FormatDate(1527480000)}} - {{FormatDate(1527481800)}}
Business Briefing
{{FormatDate(1527481800)}} - {{FormatDate(1527482700)}}
The Briefing
{{FormatDate(1527482700)}} - {{FormatDate(1527483600)}}
{{FormatDate(1527483600)}} - {{FormatDate(1527494400)}}
BBC News
{{FormatDate(1527494400)}} - {{FormatDate(1527496200)}}
Newsbeat Documentaries: M.E. And Me
{{FormatDate(1527496200)}} - {{FormatDate(1527498000)}}
BBC News
{{FormatDate(1527498000)}} - {{FormatDate(1527499800)}}
Locomotion: Dan Snow's History of Railways
{{FormatDate(1527469200)}} - {{FormatDate(1527472800)}}
Jonathan Meades on Jargon
{{FormatDate(1527472800)}} - {{FormatDate(1527476400)}}
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This is BBC Four
{{FormatDate(1527476400)}} - {{FormatDate(1527481800)}}
{{FormatDate(1527481800)}} - {{FormatDate(1527530400)}}
{{FormatDate(1527471000)}} - {{FormatDate(1527483600)}}
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The Planet's Funniest Animals
{{FormatDate(1527483600)}} - {{FormatDate(1527484800)}}
Totally Bonkers Guinness World Records
{{FormatDate(1527484800)}} - {{FormatDate(1527486300)}}
Totally Bonkers Guinness World Records
{{FormatDate(1527486300)}} - {{FormatDate(1527487800)}}
Who's Doing the Dishes?
{{FormatDate(1527487800)}} - {{FormatDate(1527490500)}}
{{FormatDate(1527490500)}} - {{FormatDate(1527492300)}}
Coronation Street
{{FormatDate(1527492300)}} - {{FormatDate(1527494100)}}
Coronation Street
{{FormatDate(1527494100)}} - {{FormatDate(1527496500)}}
You've Been Framed!
{{FormatDate(1527496500)}} - {{FormatDate(1527498300)}}
Liverpool 1
{{FormatDate(1527470400)}} - {{FormatDate(1527473700)}}
Road to Avonlea
{{FormatDate(1527473700)}} - {{FormatDate(1527477300)}}
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Road to Avonlea
{{FormatDate(1527477300)}} - {{FormatDate(1527480300)}}
George and Mildred
{{FormatDate(1527480300)}} - {{FormatDate(1527482100)}}
ITV3 Nightscreen
{{FormatDate(1527482100)}} - {{FormatDate(1527483600)}}
Classic Coronation Street
{{FormatDate(1527483600)}} - {{FormatDate(1527485400)}}
Classic Coronation Street
{{FormatDate(1527485400)}} - {{FormatDate(1527486900)}}
{{FormatDate(1527486900)}} - {{FormatDate(1527490800)}}
The Royal
{{FormatDate(1527490800)}} - {{FormatDate(1527494700)}}
Judge Judy
{{FormatDate(1527494700)}} - {{FormatDate(1527496200)}}
Judge Judy
{{FormatDate(1527496200)}} - {{FormatDate(1527498000)}}
Judge Judy
{{FormatDate(1527498000)}} - {{FormatDate(1527499500)}}
ITV4 Nightscreen
{{FormatDate(1527471900)}} - {{FormatDate(1527472800)}}
{{FormatDate(1527472800)}} - {{FormatDate(1527483600)}}
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The Chase
{{FormatDate(1527483600)}} - {{FormatDate(1527487200)}}
{{FormatDate(1527487200)}} - {{FormatDate(1527494400)}}
The Protectors
{{FormatDate(1527494400)}} - {{FormatDate(1527496200)}}
French Open: Roland-Garros Live
{{FormatDate(1527496200)}} - {{FormatDate(1527537600)}}
The Flying Scotsman: A Rail Romance
{{FormatDate(1527468300)}} - {{FormatDate(1527472800)}}
Home Shopping
{{FormatDate(1527472800)}} - {{FormatDate(1527483600)}}
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Mummies Alive
{{FormatDate(1527483600)}} - {{FormatDate(1527487800)}}
Mummies Alive
{{FormatDate(1527487800)}} - {{FormatDate(1527490800)}}
Planet Earth
{{FormatDate(1527490800)}} - {{FormatDate(1527494400)}}
Planet Earth
{{FormatDate(1527494400)}} - {{FormatDate(1527498000)}}
Planet Earth
{{FormatDate(1527498000)}} - {{FormatDate(1527501600)}}

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