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Recently the providers of the video streams added a redirect so that after two minutes the video stops and the browser is redirected to their subscription page.

Although we cannot stop this behaviour, it is possible to work around this by setting your browser to automatically reload the stream before the redirect happens. It is not an ideal solution as the there will be a few seconds break every two minutes but it means that you can watch the streams without having to keep clicking the back button.

  1. Add an 'Auto Refresh' extension to Chrome, google auto refresh chrome extension. We use Easy Auto Refresh
  2. Open up one of the video streams by clicking on one of the channels in ViewAbroad.com
  3. In the top right of Chrome, click the new 'Refresh' icon for the extension and a value of 110 seconds i.e. before the 120 seconds when the streams will redirect
  4. That's it! Next time you watch that particular channel the Auto Refresh will automatically apply unless you turn it off. It will not affect any of your other URL's unless you specifically add it.

There are plugins for Firefox that do the same thing. Enjoy!

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Mister John
{{FormatDate(1571527800)}} - {{FormatDate(1571533200)}}
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Weather for the Week Ahead
{{FormatDate(1571533200)}} - {{FormatDate(1571533500)}}
BBC News
{{FormatDate(1571533500)}} - {{FormatDate(1571547600)}}
{{FormatDate(1571547600)}} - {{FormatDate(1571552700)}}
Match of the Day
{{FormatDate(1571552700)}} - {{FormatDate(1571558400)}}
Taxi Tehran
{{FormatDate(1571526600)}} - {{FormatDate(1571531400)}}
The Name of the Rose
{{FormatDate(1571531400)}} - {{FormatDate(1571534400)}}
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This Is BBC Two
{{FormatDate(1571534400)}} - {{FormatDate(1571550300)}}
Life in a Cottage Garden with Carol Klein
{{FormatDate(1571550300)}} - {{FormatDate(1571552400)}}
A to Z of TV Gardening
{{FormatDate(1571552400)}} - {{FormatDate(1571555100)}}
Rugby World Cup 2019 Highlights
{{FormatDate(1571527800)}} - {{FormatDate(1571531100)}}
Ideal World
{{FormatDate(1571531100)}} - {{FormatDate(1571536800)}}
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Sugar Free Farm
{{FormatDate(1571536800)}} - {{FormatDate(1571539800)}}
ITV Nightscreen
{{FormatDate(1571539800)}} - {{FormatDate(1571547600)}}
Dino Dana
{{FormatDate(1571547600)}} - {{FormatDate(1571548200)}}
Super 4
{{FormatDate(1571548200)}} - {{FormatDate(1571549100)}}
Super 4
{{FormatDate(1571549100)}} - {{FormatDate(1571549700)}}
Thunderbirds are Go
{{FormatDate(1571549700)}} - {{FormatDate(1571551200)}}
Mr. Bean
{{FormatDate(1571551200)}} - {{FormatDate(1571552100)}}
Mr. Bean
{{FormatDate(1571552100)}} - {{FormatDate(1571553000)}}
Rugby World Cup 2019 Live
{{FormatDate(1571553000)}} - {{FormatDate(1571564700)}}
{{FormatDate(1571522700)}} - {{FormatDate(1571532000)}}
Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares USA
{{FormatDate(1571532000)}} - {{FormatDate(1571535000)}}
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{{FormatDate(1571535000)}} - {{FormatDate(1571542500)}}
Come Dine with Me
{{FormatDate(1571542500)}} - {{FormatDate(1571545800)}}
Kirstie's Fill Your House for Free
{{FormatDate(1571545800)}} - {{FormatDate(1571547000)}}
Extreme Cake Makers
{{FormatDate(1571547000)}} - {{FormatDate(1571548500)}}
{{FormatDate(1571548500)}} - {{FormatDate(1571550300)}}
{{FormatDate(1571550300)}} - {{FormatDate(1571551800)}}
King of Queens
{{FormatDate(1571551800)}} - {{FormatDate(1571553300)}}
King of Queens
{{FormatDate(1571553300)}} - {{FormatDate(1571554800)}}
{{FormatDate(1571554800)}} - {{FormatDate(1571556600)}}
{{FormatDate(1571529300)}} - {{FormatDate(1571529600)}}
The 21.Co.UK Live Casino Show
{{FormatDate(1571529600)}} - {{FormatDate(1571536800)}}
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{{FormatDate(1571536800)}} - {{FormatDate(1571537400)}}
Babs to Borat: Greatest Comedy Film Moments
{{FormatDate(1571537400)}} - {{FormatDate(1571542200)}}
{{FormatDate(1571542200)}} - {{FormatDate(1571543100)}}
House Doctor
{{FormatDate(1571543100)}} - {{FormatDate(1571544600)}}
Divine Designs
{{FormatDate(1571544600)}} - {{FormatDate(1571546100)}}
Wildlife SOS
{{FormatDate(1571546100)}} - {{FormatDate(1571547600)}}
The Day Henry Met
{{FormatDate(1571547600)}} - {{FormatDate(1571547900)}}
Peppa Pig
{{FormatDate(1571547900)}} - {{FormatDate(1571548200)}}
Peppa Pig
{{FormatDate(1571548200)}} - {{FormatDate(1571548500)}}
Peppa Pig
{{FormatDate(1571548500)}} - {{FormatDate(1571548800)}}
Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom
{{FormatDate(1571548800)}} - {{FormatDate(1571549700)}}
Bob the Builder
{{FormatDate(1571549700)}} - {{FormatDate(1571550300)}}
Fireman Sam
{{FormatDate(1571550300)}} - {{FormatDate(1571550900)}}
Thomas &amp; Friends
{{FormatDate(1571550900)}} - {{FormatDate(1571551500)}}
Shane the Chef
{{FormatDate(1571551500)}} - {{FormatDate(1571552400)}}
Noddy: Toyland Detective
{{FormatDate(1571552400)}} - {{FormatDate(1571553300)}}
Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom
{{FormatDate(1571553300)}} - {{FormatDate(1571554200)}}
Peppa Pig
{{FormatDate(1571554200)}} - {{FormatDate(1571554500)}}
Peppa Pig
{{FormatDate(1571554500)}} - {{FormatDate(1571554800)}}
Butterbean's Cafe
{{FormatDate(1571554800)}} - {{FormatDate(1571556000)}}
50 First Dates
{{FormatDate(1571525700)}} - {{FormatDate(1571529600)}}
50 First Dates
{{FormatDate(1571529600)}} - {{FormatDate(1571533500)}}
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{{FormatDate(1571533500)}} - {{FormatDate(1571537100)}}
Rude Tube
{{FormatDate(1571537100)}} - {{FormatDate(1571540400)}}
Don't Tell the Bride
{{FormatDate(1571540400)}} - {{FormatDate(1571543700)}}
Don't Tell the Bride
{{FormatDate(1571543700)}} - {{FormatDate(1571547600)}}
{{FormatDate(1571547600)}} - {{FormatDate(1571556000)}}
8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown
{{FormatDate(1571526600)}} - {{FormatDate(1571530500)}}
24 Hours in A and E
{{FormatDate(1571530500)}} - {{FormatDate(1571534100)}}
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The Baby Boomers' Guide to Growing Old
{{FormatDate(1571534100)}} - {{FormatDate(1571538000)}}
Food Unwrapped
{{FormatDate(1571538000)}} - {{FormatDate(1571539800)}}
{{FormatDate(1571539800)}} - {{FormatDate(1571558100)}}
The Week in Parliament
{{FormatDate(1571527800)}} - {{FormatDate(1571529600)}}
BBC News
{{FormatDate(1571529600)}} - {{FormatDate(1571531400)}}
The Travel Show
{{FormatDate(1571531400)}} - {{FormatDate(1571533200)}}
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BBC News
{{FormatDate(1571533200)}} - {{FormatDate(1571535000)}}
London's Bleeding
{{FormatDate(1571535000)}} - {{FormatDate(1571536800)}}
BBC News
{{FormatDate(1571536800)}} - {{FormatDate(1571538600)}}
Our World
{{FormatDate(1571538600)}} - {{FormatDate(1571540400)}}
BBC News
{{FormatDate(1571540400)}} - {{FormatDate(1571542200)}}
{{FormatDate(1571542200)}} - {{FormatDate(1571544000)}}
BBC News
{{FormatDate(1571544000)}} - {{FormatDate(1571545800)}}
London's Bleeding
{{FormatDate(1571545800)}} - {{FormatDate(1571547600)}}
{{FormatDate(1571547600)}} - {{FormatDate(1571551200)}}
{{FormatDate(1571551200)}} - {{FormatDate(1571554800)}}
{{FormatDate(1571554800)}} - {{FormatDate(1571558400)}}
Peaky Blinders
{{FormatDate(1571529000)}} - {{FormatDate(1571532600)}}
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Peaky Blinders
{{FormatDate(1571532600)}} - {{FormatDate(1571536200)}}
Peaky Blinders
{{FormatDate(1571536200)}} - {{FormatDate(1571539800)}}
{{FormatDate(1571539800)}} - {{FormatDate(1571594400)}}
American Dad!
{{FormatDate(1571527800)}} - {{FormatDate(1571529900)}}
American Dad!
{{FormatDate(1571529900)}} - {{FormatDate(1571531400)}}
Don't Hate the Playaz
{{FormatDate(1571531400)}} - {{FormatDate(1571534100)}}
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Totally Bonkers Guinness World Records
{{FormatDate(1571534100)}} - {{FormatDate(1571535600)}}
Totally Bonkers Guinness World Records
{{FormatDate(1571535600)}} - {{FormatDate(1571536500)}}
{{FormatDate(1571536500)}} - {{FormatDate(1571547300)}}
ITV2 Nightscreen
{{FormatDate(1571547300)}} - {{FormatDate(1571547600)}}
Totally Bonkers Guinness World Records
{{FormatDate(1571547600)}} - {{FormatDate(1571549100)}}
You've Been Framed!
{{FormatDate(1571549100)}} - {{FormatDate(1571550600)}}
{{FormatDate(1571550600)}} - {{FormatDate(1571561100)}}
A Touch of Frost
{{FormatDate(1571522400)}} - {{FormatDate(1571529600)}}
The Syndicate
{{FormatDate(1571529600)}} - {{FormatDate(1571533200)}}
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ITV3 Nightscreen
{{FormatDate(1571533200)}} - {{FormatDate(1571535000)}}
{{FormatDate(1571535000)}} - {{FormatDate(1571547600)}}
On the Buses
{{FormatDate(1571547600)}} - {{FormatDate(1571549100)}}
The Royal
{{FormatDate(1571549100)}} - {{FormatDate(1571552400)}}
The Royal
{{FormatDate(1571552400)}} - {{FormatDate(1571556300)}}
Starsky and Hutch
{{FormatDate(1571527500)}} - {{FormatDate(1571531100)}}
FYI Daily
{{FormatDate(1571531100)}} - {{FormatDate(1571531400)}}
Starsky and Hutch
{{FormatDate(1571531400)}} - {{FormatDate(1571535000)}}
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The Car Chasers
{{FormatDate(1571535000)}} - {{FormatDate(1571536800)}}
{{FormatDate(1571536800)}} - {{FormatDate(1571547600)}}
Motorsport UK
{{FormatDate(1571547600)}} - {{FormatDate(1571550600)}}
British Touring Car Championship Highlights
{{FormatDate(1571550600)}} - {{FormatDate(1571555100)}}
Underground Worlds
{{FormatDate(1571526000)}} - {{FormatDate(1571529600)}}
Castle Builders
{{FormatDate(1571529600)}} - {{FormatDate(1571533200)}}
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Castle Builders
{{FormatDate(1571533200)}} - {{FormatDate(1571536800)}}
{{FormatDate(1571536800)}} - {{FormatDate(1571547600)}}
Raiders of the Lost Past
{{FormatDate(1571547600)}} - {{FormatDate(1571551800)}}
Raiders of the Lost Past
{{FormatDate(1571551800)}} - {{FormatDate(1571554800)}}
True Evil: The Making of a Nazi
{{FormatDate(1571554800)}} - {{FormatDate(1571558400)}}

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